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  • Don't know how to do something or what something is? Check out the FAQs/Tutorial below!

    This game is in its early state. Most of the game values and graphics are just temporary/placeholders and A LOT of them are going change! There might also be some bugs I have yet to fix!

    That's all, I hope you have fun! :)

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    Your crops are still growing even if you're offline, so when you save the game and you don't load it for a while, the plants in that save file will still be growing!

    -FAQs / Tutorial-

    -"How do I plant some crops and make some cash?"-

    First, pick a seed to plant on the Seeds Section.
    Then, click an empty soil on your plot.
    Then just wait for them to grow.
    Once they've grown, just click them to harvest them! That's it!
    And yes, your crops still grow even if you're not online.
    Also, your Total Earned Cash only counts the profit you get, so it's Income minus Cost.

    -"Do my crops die?"-

    If you don't harvest your crops quick enough, they might die!
    And if they do, they'll either give you less money, or none at all!
    (Crops that take longer to grow take longer time before they die, so don't forget to quickly harvest the fast-growing crops right after they grow because they die quicker!)

    "How do I save my game?"

    Your progress is saved using cookies. You can save them and transfer them to another computer using the Save function above here.
    Do note that your crops will still be growing even if you're not online, so if you save the game with just some seeds planted, they might be fully grown once you load it! (Or be dead.)
    And while the game uses cookies to save your progress, you should still use the save function above until I find a permanent domain because I might change the domain soon and your browser might not recognize the old cookies.

    "Can I upgrade some stuff?"

    Yes! You can choose what to upgrade in the Upgrade Section.

    "Who or what is Flow? He/she/it keeps giving me money!

    Flow is a large software company built by the government to help startup farmers (like you) with your money problems.
    They give you a a certain amount of money every 30 seconds but only if you're online, so make sure you always have the game open for some extra cash!
    They can also help you stop from going completely bankrupt if you run out of money and can't plant anything.
    (And no, you can't cheat and multi-tab.)

    "How do I increase my Multiplier?"

    By leveling up your farm in the Upgrades Section. Your multiplier increases the cash you get from your crops but also the cost of buying them. (You do get more profit in the end, though!)

    "Some things are broken / Images are not loading / Can't interact with anything"

    Please let me know right away and I'll try to fix it ASAP! The site's still very new and I'm pretty new to all these myself. It would also help if you can tell me what you think caused the problem (But please still tell me even if you don't know the cause!). You can also try clearing the cache or disabling adblock (though this site doesn't have any ads yet). Thank you! :))

    This site is in EARLY ALPHA, so there will be a lot of bugs and tons of improvement to make! (Especially the balancing of the prices and all!)
    So if you find any bugs or have a suggestion that you think will make the site better, I would LOVE to hear it!
    You can contact me via Twitter @Alycse if you have any comments/suggestions/feedback. ANYTHING will help! Thank you! :)

    v0.094 Changes:
    -Added a new quest system (You need to be at least level 10 to get this)
    This feature is new so there might be some bugs hidden in there (though I tested it and experienced none so far), and the objectives, rewards, and time limit of the quests will probably change depending on your feedback. So if you have any suggestion about the new quest feature, feel free to message me! Or if you just don't like the quest feature, and if enough people don't like it, then I'll probably just remove it entirely. That's all for this update! :)
    -Minor bug fixes
    -Made some of the seeds cheaper
    -Fixed the cookies' expiration dates
    -Updated the Sunflower graphics (They're not pumpkins anymore!)

    BrowserFarm Alpha Testing v0.094